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SHOW: Solid Gold 

SATURDAYS 13.00 -17.00


Old Disco 70,s and 80,s 90,s...light information... Then matters of the Heart Sunday 3pm to 7pm it,s the Best of Soul Music with Listeners Requesting their favourite Soulful Songs...and a motivational quotes in between.

What is the target market of your show?

Age 30 - 50 something (Matured Audience).

What did you do to be a radio presenter / DJ?

Did media studies

What do you like about JOZI FM? 

Community Orientated

What was the most embarrassing moment in your radio career?

Sleeping in the Studio during the Show.

What else do you do besides radio, your hobbies? 

Reading and Sports.

Besides your own show, which is your favorite Jozi FM show?

Mid Morning Show and Club Explosion

When you are not doing your show, what are you doing and where?

Playing as DJ for different pubs and private parties.

How and where do you spend your weekends?

Relaxing at home if no gigs.

What do you like most about Soweto and its people?

The vibe, and Soweto has everything entertainment of all levels sports the history, it is a tourist attraction. It is Alive.

If you could be anyone else who would it be and why?

No one I'am happy to be who I am.

Who would you like to host at a dinner party and why?

Any humble beings.

Who would you bring back from the dead and why? 

No one, I think I have peace with *time* (the beginning and the ending).

What do people think they know about you but they don’t know?

That I m a party animal I like parties but “organised”.

Why did you choose radio over other careers?

Passion , and then love ...