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Late Night Affair

WEEKDAYS 10.00 - 02.00


It’s a family show, we play a mixture of classic soul and RnB and small talk on relationship matters.

Give us a short description of your show, features and the type of music you play

The show is the Late Night Affair Monday to Thursday 10pm to 1am and the Big Easy Sundays 7pm to 10pm It’s a family show, we play a mixture of classic soul and RnB and small talk on relationship matters.

What is the target market of your show?

We targeting the whole family and any good music lover can listen.

What did you do to be a radio presenter / DJ?

I studied Radio Presenting at Boston Media House. I then came to the Jozi Fm’s studios and met with one of the presenters Mr Tshepo Makgopa and asked him to visit him on his show just to see how how things are done. I later volunteered to produce his show. That’s how I got my break in Radio.

What do like about JOZI FM?

Jozi Fm is the biggest community radio station in Africa and it’s the best place for anyone to launch their careers and develop.

Most was the most embarrassing moment in your radio career?

I once got a call from my friend in the studio and spoke about the events that had occurred over the past weekend and the mic was on. But then I apologized to the listeners afterwards.

What else do you do besides radio, your hobbies?

I enjoy reading and playing chess.

Besides your own show, which is your favorite Jozi FM show?

The Sunday Lunch with Tshepo jnr.

When you are not doing your show, what are you doing and where?

I love spending time with my family at the comfort of our home.

How and where do you spend your weekends?

If I’m not at home I honour gig invitations.

What do you like most about Soweto and its people?

Soweto is the biggest township in the world. It boasts a massive history and has diverse cultures. The hospitality of the Sowetan’s makes it a City on its own plus a majority of our listenership is from Soweto, but most importantly that’s where I met my other half (Mamoleko) the mother of my son Lesedi.

If you could be anyone else who would it be and why?

I ‘d be Fan Masango simply because I love that Human Being.

Who would you like to host at a dinner party and why?

Dr Thibane. He is such an inspiration. I love and understand his work.

Who would you bring back from the dead and why?

Definitely my brother, the late Mr Tshepo Vincent Machwisa. I love and miss that man... May his soul rest in peace.

What do people think they know about you but they don’t know?

I am believer... I believe in GOD.

Why did you choose radio over other careers?

I think my mother gave birth to me while listening to radio "lol"...Radio its more than a job to me.its something I do with love and passion.