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SHOW: Angels of the Morning WEEKDAYS 02.00-06.00


Angels of the Morning is a show that caters for all age groups. It advices people based on life and inspires them and also encourages on how to live life. It’s a family show. Features: 1. Topics where we discuss certain issues like family matters. 2. KA-4, a feature where we play gospel music, remember the late relatives and listeners of the show who passed on. 3. Early Weather update. 4. Sports Update. 5. The kids hour (Amasongangubo), we let the kids call and have special dedications to their friends and parents. The main purpose being to wake up the kids in the morning and prepare for school, also to know other kids and know where they live; to also teach them communication skills. Music: Angels Of The Morning - Variety of music. Weekend Special – Local Old School

What is the target market of your show?

Young and old.

What did you do to be a radio presenter / DJ?

I started as a producer for the show called GOD.

What do like about JOZI FM?

It’s a platform for learning, exploring and teaching, it’s also informative.

What was the most embarrassing moment in your radio career?

Playing two songs at the same time and not being aware of what’s happening until a listener called and told me.

What else do you do besides radio, your hobbies?

I’m a music producer and a musician too. I’m a motivational speaker.

Besides your own show, which is your favorite Jozi FM show?

Late night affairs, Umthombo Wokuphila and Morning Chat.

When you are not doing your show, what are you doing and where?

Music performance and motivation.

How and where do you spend your weekends?

At social events and home.

What do you like most about Soweto and its people?

It is a vibrant city and Sowetans practice Ubuntu.

If you could be anyone else who would it be and why?

My mother because she was a strong woman and she managed to raise us through hardship.

Who would you like to host at a dinner party and why?

Barack Obama, I would like to ask how he feels about being the first black American person to be appointed as the United States president.

Who would you bring back from the dead and why? 

My mother, I want her to see the kind of a person she has raised.

What do people think they know about you but they don’t know?

They think I am a hyped up person as I am on radio, I’m actually shy.

Why did you choose radio over other careers?

For the love of music and inspiring people and it also helps me to be able to network. Also, people do not get to see me in action. They have their own imaginary about me because radio is the theatre of the mind.